Clare Balding, OBE


The standard of the race films supplied by Beneficial Arts are second to none. I am delighted to introduce each quality race before the start.

Clare Balding
BBC Television

Race Nights

It’s a big fundraiser for your organisation so you want to be assured you have the best quality films to make your event a success. With a bank of over 100 races you can expect the very best from the fastest growing race night and casino night Company in the UK.

The prices below are for our standard races, which have 8 runners.  We also have a selection of races with 10 runners, which are available at only £10 extra.   Please add a note in your booking if you would like to book our 10 runner races.

Simply decide how many races you require & if you want to hire an MC for your event. Then click on your preferred option below.  Note our races have 8 horses in each race as standard.  We also offer a selection of races with 10 horses in each race - please contact us if this is of interest.


6 Races


Plus P&P

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7 Races


Plus P&P

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8 Races


Plus P&P

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9 Races


Plus P&P

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P&P only £20 to Mainland UK - Islands and Rural Areas may vary please enquire at time of booking. 



Race Night Checklist

To help you get organised for your big night, we have put together a small but precise check-list for you to follow. This will help you get prepared for your fundraiding night. 

  • Book your package
  • Sell the Horses
  • Print admission tickets
  • Print programme
  • Sponsor for each race
  • Order scratch cards for additional profit
  • Organise float for evening (£100 in £1 coins is usual)
  • 4 volunteers to sell the tote tickets

How much can we raise?

In order to give you an indication of how much money you can raise from your event, we've put together a rough profit guide. These figures are taken from our Race Night and Casino Night.

RACE NIGHT - Platinum Package

Sell 64 horses before your night at £4 each - £256

Sell 50 admission tickets at £4 each - £200

Sell 100 high five scratch cards at £3 each - £300

Average profit from betting (50 people x £12) - £600

Stand up bingo - £200

Less costs - £350

For only 50 people attending profit - £1206



I enjoyed commentating on these amazing races from around the world. 

Derek Thompson
At The Races